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Our Blog 12-Jun-2024

Can Artificial Intelligence Increase Big Data Efficiency

Modern technology has completely changed from what it was in the past, because of the huge leaps that it is making. Some years back, the pace at which technology was developing was slow or maybe people were not aware about it. But these days, even a layman is aware about all the current technologies and they know about the proper use of them. Two such technologies- Big Data and Artificial Intelligence are being implemented in all the major sectors, including the IT services company.

Big data basically refers to huge amounts of data. That data could be of large-scale organizations or combined data of all the organizations. It was a misconception in the past that data had no benefit and it must be discarded with time. Many studies in the Information Technology field have depicted about the benefits of data, that can act as a decision maker and devise strategies keeping the previous business structure in mind. This technology can manage all that data easily using some tools.

Meaning of Artificial Intelligence could be deciphered from the word itself. It means the intelligence that is not natural, meaning intelligence of a machine. No person would believe that machines could have brains of their own, but with modern technologies and use of algorithms, it is becoming a reality. Normally, machines have to be programmed in order for them to perform some task. Using Artificial Intelligence, decision making process would be simplified. Like a human, they would be able to learn from their mistakes and make sure to not repeat them in the future, which would result in better efficiency.

The bigger question is that, “Is there any link between Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, and if there is, what are the benefits?”. That is a question that comes naturally for a person that is aware about both the technologies. Indeed, there is a link between them and these technologies can compliment each other with proper usage.

Several benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Big Data technology

    • Less Human Intervention: The work of managing, analyzing, creating reports was all done by people, which led to hiring more employees. Artificial Intelligence has helped in a massive way by automating all the tasks. Reports can also be created, which would help the authorized person to check the results. Major decisions have to be taken by the employee, even with the introduction of Artificial Intelligence in this field.

    • Saves Time: A benefit of using automated systems is that they save time for people. A person could spend hours on big data, and still would not get any results, because of such large sized data.

    • Saves Cost: No one can deny that hiring employees is a costly practice. Even more so for analyzing the big data, because it is a tiring task that consumes a lot of effort. An employee would ask for higher pay, when they know that they perform tasks that affect the organizations in major ways. Companies have no other option but to pay them as per their needs, because there are not many experts in big data analytics field.

    • Identify Problems: A human is a human after all and can make mistakes occasionally. But that is not the case with AI, because it can identify mistakes among large data, while people may take several hours and may not even get a hint about the problem. The task of Artificial Intelligence is not only limited to identifying problems, it can also rectify them to avoid any blunders in the future.

    • Identify Patterns: For any company, their data is the most valuable aspect. A lot of data can be similar, but a human might have difficulty in differentiating it because of minor differences. This is an easy task for Artificial Intelligence technology, because it knows the exact qualities between the data. Moreover, it can identify unstructured, semi-structured and structured data and redirect the data into these categories, which would help to distinguish data and make it easy for a person to understand it.

This is just the beginning of usage of these technologies. More development is being done on daily basis and the results will only improve with time. The surprising part is that companies in many cities are using these technologies together to reap more benefits for their businesses. An example of this technology can be found in IT Companies in Ludhiana, that are keeping up with technology to offer great services to clients.