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    Social Responsibility

    We see it as a part of our social responsibility to provide the underprivileged children with good quality education.

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    Eliminating Digital Divide

    Access to the internet can mean access to the world of possibilities. Once the digital divide is eliminated, lack of resources/information cannot hinder their progress.

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    Teaching With Our Own Actions

    Children must learn to help and the best learning takes place when they see it in action by those who teach it to them.

Let's Educate Chhotu for Ourselves

The Pursuit of Educating Young Working Kids Commonly Referred to as "Chhotu"

Providing Basic Education to Less Privileged

In an ideal world, basic education would be universal and publicly funded, and all children could go to school beyond the possibility or willingness to pay by parents. The reason is simple: when a child does not acquire the basic knowledge to act as a productive and responsible member of society, society as a whole - without speaking of the individual child - loses. The cost of educating children is far outweighed by the cost of not educating them. Adults who lack basic knowledge have greater difficulty in finding good paying jobs and in escaping poverty. Education for girls has especially surprising social benefits: income is higher and maternal and infant mortality rates are lower in the case of educated women, who also have more personal freedom to make choices.

But, even when the education is virtually free in government institutes, the access has been an issue for the children who have to work for the survival of their family. There is a change is equation here. The most vulnerable children in the world have not received equitable access to education. Even though they attend school, millions of people do not acquire the basic literacy, math and life skills they need to lead a decent life and get jobs.

They are the children of the poorest families. They are children whose homes and schools have been destroyed by natural disasters or who have to migrate along with their family for economic reasons. They are children who have problems accessing education due to their disability. They are children who lived in remote villages without transportation to the nearest school and now have come to the city for work only. They are the children who have to work to help their families survive.

Explaining How to Help Others with Action

Explaining to children the concept of helping others is an essential task in the first years of the life of the children. Its why we can find in the need to raise, integrate and internalize human values in their education, which will allow them, in the future, to contribute positive attitudes and actions to society and live in a balanced and beneficial way for them and the rest of the human beings of those who will be surrounded throughout their lives.

It also about teaches the children about respecting and empathizing with others. if there is no respect, the children will learn a lot later that egoism takes away much more than what it brings and that, if they do not care about other children, they will not worry about him either.

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