Presswala is a company that aims at delivering clothes related high quality services. We offer laundry, dry cleaning, steam ironing. We have separate cabins for performing all of these operations. In earlier times, people used to prefer small shops for all these services.

There were high chances that mistakes could be made because a single person had to perform all those operations. But that is not the case with us because we have a large team who’s experienced with their separate operations. They have worked in these fields in the past. It has helped them to know the most efficient ways that can reap the best quality services.

We constantly keep improving our services and we hire people who already have some experience. All these services that we offer, we make sure to give our 100 percent because that’s the only way to retain customers. Any poor choice related to the company can lead to customers finding other options. We know the value of time and for people who’re into corporate jobs, we offer the services as quick as we can.

We can also stitch clothes according to the customer’s requirements. They can also consult for special occasions because we have an eye that can identify the type of clothes that would complement the occasion.

About Us
  • Laundry
    We offer laundry services for Commercial and Domestic Purposes at reasonable rates. Completing all the processes on time is our highest priority.

  • Dry Cleaning
    We offer dry cleaning services for all types of clothes. Our experts have experience in this field.

  • Steam Ironing
    To remove all the wrinkles and ceases from clothes, we provide steam ironing service for the customers.


We provide cloth maintenance services at competitive prices.

Our laundry service, Presswala, is a leading cloth maintenance company that feels that it’s important for customers to give time to their families. They can save that important time by assigning tasks related with clothes, to our team. We offer laundry, dry cleaning, steam ironing services. We also deliver the clothes back to your place.

Our clients can choose from a wide range of services that we offer. They can also consult our team for the type of clothes they must wear for special occasions. We have an experienced team who’s aware about the type of suits that can be worn. Also, all these services are available at reasonable costs.

With the quality services that we offer, it has helped us to maintain an excellent image in the local market. Not only that, the area around the city also approach us for our amazing services. We’re seeing growth on consistent basis and many people prefer us because of the infrastructure that we have. We use the latest technology to complete the processes efficiently.

Many firms in and around Ludhiana have put faith in us and we won’t ever let them down by reducing the value of our services. The motivation that we get daily is from our customers because of their appreciation. They even recommend the services to their peers and family. People don’t have to visit our office for collecting their clothes, we can deliver the clothes at their footsteps.


The mission of our company is to create a reputation for itself. We want to attract a wider audience and that can only happen when we deliver great services at affordable rates.


Our company’s vision is to have a name for ourselves. We aim to offer unmatched services at prices no one can imagine. Spreading our name all around the city is our top most priority.

Presswala Process

Our easy to approach services and quality that no other laundry service provider can match

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