Education culture is one of the best and aspiring IT companies in Ludhiana, Punjab. Not only do we provide quality service to our customers but we also provide a healthy and fun-loving culture to our employees. We work our best to make the employees feel comfortable. 

Apart from working, the employees get to learn many things while working in the organization. Employees are given a chance to widen their horizons and attain professional experience. For the development of the employees, training sessions are provided to them when needed. Along with this, for boosting employee’s morale and job satisfaction, they are given annual increments, parties, awards, etc.

Each year an annual event is organized where employees are given ease from their daily working schedule. Awards are given to employees like the employee of the year, best employees etc. During the annual event, the office staff enthusiastically partake in the different events that are held. 

The team can showcase their skills by participating in inter-department dance, singing, skits, competitions. Besides this, they can also go for solo performances or anything that brings out their talents. Being the Best Web Development Company these activities help and contribute in maintaining a healthy atmosphere for the employees. So, here in Education Culture, there is a lot more than just working. 

Annual Function