Web Design and Development

Education Culture offers Web Development Services. For any business, it’s important to have a website. It can help them to present their products and services to the intended audience.

We create websites for emerging and established businesses. With more people having access to the internet, it has become more important than ever to have an online presence. It helps them to attract a wider and an interested audience. Gone are the times when people read about advertisements in a newspaper. Nowadays, people don’t even have the time to open a newspaper and some don’t want to carry it with them, when they have better options.

We have efficient coders in our team who have helped our company to gain an edge over the competitors. Their attention to detail is such that they can easily pick minor mistakes. Those mistakes have the potential of ruining the whole code. Along with coders, we have a great designing team who regularly update themselves with the latest designs in the industry and even recommend the clients to include them in the websites.

Our team is unique because they regularly participate with the customers and tell them about the aspects that could work, which in turn helps the customer to grow their business. We offer all these services at minimal rates.

  • Static and Dynamic Web Designing
    Being an IT Company, Education Culture provides the expert service for both dynamic as well as static websites. We have experts for server-side scripting languages such as .ASP, JSP and PHP.

  • Website Redevelopment and Development
    Some clients need their websites to be built from scratch, while others need to make some changes to keep up with the industry. Our company makes sure to provide service for both of these requirements.

  • Open Source Customization
    We adapt an open approach which lets all the people to access the system. On the other hand, closed systems can limit certain people to access the system.

Web Designing and Development

Website Designing, Logo Designing, Website Development, Mobile App Development, Software Development, Maintenance and many other types can be done with the help of our websites.

Education Culture Pvt. Ltd. delivers high-quality web designing and development services. Our expert team offers service in all the above sectors. We are a one stop website for all your IT needs and we can proudly say that our experts get the job done without any hassle. That’s another reason for clients to keep returning for our services.

It has become vital for businesses to have an online presence. There’s no better way to reach clients than creating a website which displays all the features of that business. Moreover, majority of people have started using digital devices for viewing products and services.

Our expert team makes sure to keep themselves updated with the latest trends and technologies. That extra knowledge becomes beneficial for them as well as the clients we serve. Afterall, the goal of a business is to stay ahead of the competition by predicting future trends and adapting them before others.

The quality that many developers lack but our developers don’t is that they can suggest the clients to employ certain features, which can make a website more attractive. Many developers just follow their client’s requirements and end up making an inferior website. Often times, clients don’t have appropriate knowledge of the working of a website.

Coding is the strongest factor that determines the ability of a developer. It takes an experienced coder to write compact code, which gets the job done. Most of the times, websites get slow because they have several unnecessary lines of code. Another important job of a coder is to find errors. Now, this part takes some time and sharp observation skills and the ability to comprehend the information is necessary.

However, Education Culture Pvt. Ltd. can proudly announce that our development work is in amazing hands, thanks to our skilled technical team. Clients can go about their business without having to worry about their job getting done, because our expert team makes sure to deliver results.

With all the brain and efficient technology behind the development of a website, we can confidently say that our services can be hard to beat. A client doesn’t have lots of good options but they can rely on us.

A website is not only used to create an online presence but it’s also helpful in expanding a business. Potential clients can become permanent customers when a website is properly designed and lists all the services.

In fact, we would like to encourage all the businesses to have a website because someone somewhere might be searching exactly for a website that hasn’t been built yet.

Our Services

The services that we offer can help any business to stand out among the ordinary websites

  • 01

    A static website doesn’t have much functionality and displays only plain text and images. It’s not designed for multiple screens

  • 02

    A dynamic website has lots of functionality and it changes from time to time. Server-script is necessary to design this type of website.

  • 03

    Some websites have been designed following an older approach. It can be changed based on the user’s needs and a newer approach and technology can be used, which can compete with other businesses.

  • 04

    Web development refers to the websites that are created for a worldwide audience or a specific company. Internet is the term used for worldwide audience and Intranet is the term used for audience of a specific organization.

  • 05

    Responsive design is an approach to design web pages that can change their size according to the device they are being viewed on, without compromising with the content and images.

  • 06

    We offer an open source approach which allows any person to make changes. Closed approach doesn’t allow any person except some selected people to make changes.